I’m Jenna Kelly, founder of The ZEPH Club.

I’m business owner with a background in Psychology which basically means I’m obsessed with understanding how people think and then turning that into amazing business opportunities.

Combining my Human Behaviour & Business knowledge has allowed me to build multiple, successful businesses. I specialise in creating a strong personal brand; resulting in high demand and a unique client/customer experience.

I’m passionate about helping other women in business believe in themselves! Having a strong mindset helps bring so much peace to what we do and I work with women to do just that… to get rid of comparison & competition, to take back control!

I want the women I work with to be healthy in mind, in business & in bank account. To be confident, successful and live a positive and fulfilling life!

Over the years my career, my self employed life, has seen many seasons. For 8 years I was an award winning makeup artist, travelling all over the UK & Europe to work on my brides. Ive opened 2 successful beauty studios housing up to 15 individual beauty businesses. I launched (and currently still operate) JK SKIN SESSIONS, my facial treatment business which sees me fully booked around 8-12 weeks in advance with clients travelling from all over South Wales & South West England for my bespoke work.

I know hard work! I know change! I know failure! I know setbacks!

But most importantly, I know how to get back up! I know how to make the most of every difficult situation that is put in front of me. I thrive in the shit times! After all, its when we learn the most.

Welcome to the club!