My work has seen many different seasons, allowed me to build from the ground up many times and taught me some invaluable lessons both in work and in life; But most of all its been designed by me, for me!

I want to share my experiences in business, the lessons I’ve learned and those of other seasoned business builders around us! I want you to have access to the tools I’ve created and used to successfully grow. I want us all to win! On our own terms! For ourselves!

I’m Jenna Kelly, founder of The ZEPH Club.

I’m business owner with a background in Psychology which basically means I’m obsessed with understanding how people think and then turning that into amazing business opportunities.

Combining my Human Behaviour & Business knowledge has allowed me to build multiple, successful businesses. I specialise in creating a strong personal brand; resulting in high demand and a unique client/customer experience.

I’m passionate about providing the answers to the questions we are too scared or too proud to ask.

I can’t wait to dive head first into your businesses, helping you create a life that’s designed by you, for you!

Welcome to the club!