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PLANNER PACK BUNDLE; the ‘I’m going to scribble down until I figure out my genius’ notepads.
These are also sexy enough to grace the top of your desks for the Instagram life but practical enough to help you ‘figure shit out’. Designed to be the scrap book, table top of planner pads, for you to scribble down, cross off, rip out etc… Use individually, or in addition to your Business Planner (we like to figure all the details out on the pads before transferring the main info to the other planner) these pads will be sure to kick your arse into gear.

There are 3 planners included…
DAILY PLANNER  allows you to structure out your whole day, with half hour time slots, a social media planner, priorities box, ideas space and all the motivation you could need. (100 pages – comes as 2 x 50 page pads)
WEEKLY PLANNER  allows you to structure out your week; make plans for work time, down time, social media and set your weeks focus. (20 pages)
WEEKLY FINANCIAL PLANNER  is your accounts best friend. Track your incomings, your outgoings, see what works, what doesn’t, plan for marketing and most importantly, look after that cash! (20 pages)

Designed to again cover 12 weeks/a quarter of your business year (with spare pages) get ready to grab life by the balls/vagina (whatever floats your boat)!