In growing my businesses I have built a framework of systems & processes that I know work… they’ve worked for me and they will work for you!
In my 1:1 work with you we will not only figure out what needs to change, but I will help you implement those changes into your business simply & seamlessly.
This framework has allowed me to find a level of success that isn’t commonly achieved as a ‘one woman band’ in a service based industry.

I’ve learned from experience that mindset can be your biggest block, so motivation & inspiration is a huge part of what we will do.
There’s no use having a framework if you don’t believe in it.

I don’t want you to just ‘know’ what’s possible.
I want you to see it & to live it too.

The mind, how we think & how it effects our behaviour has always fascinated me and is hugely integrated into my work. My psychology studies allowed me to understand the biology and chemistry of the human brain (the ‘nature’), and the criminal aspect to my education focused heavily on socialisation and how our surroundings impact our lives (the ‘nurture’).

I qualified as a practitioner in a mens prison, assessing the offenders state of mind and facilitating meetings between them and their victims. How is this applicable? I am literally trained to deal with hugely difficult conversations & communication. Something that, in the service industry, we deal with all of the time.

My business history looks a little like this; I started as a makeup artist, winning multiple awards, being fully booked 2-3 years in advance and being flown internationally to work on weddings. During this time I opened 2 beauty studios, housing up to 15 individual personal care businesses on a self employed/sub-letting basis. I currently still own and work within my Skin Treatment Business ‘JK SKIN SESSIONS’ with a fully booked calendar 8-12 weeks in advance and a client base from all over South Wales & South West England.

My businesses have always relied on a ‘local’ customer base & those customers being willing to travel to me. I have never had to relocate in order to accommodate growth. I have weekends off. I don’t work many late evenings. I have always priced myself at the top end of my industry. It has always been just me; only very recently I’ve taken on an assistant.

And yet… I still continue to grow!
It is absolutely possible for you!

I get it.
I am on the ground with you.
I understand exactly what you are going through…

You spend all of your time customer facing.
It feels like it’s impossible to grow unless you magically grow an extra set of hands.
You value your work and what it brings to you.
You love what you do.
You get independence & sense of purpose from your work.
You want to grow, you just don’t know how to do that without having to work twice as many hours.
Your financial security matters & you’d love to explore your financial potential.
But you also value flexibility.
Flexible working.
Days off, travel, family time.
You value the calm.

You can have both, the cash & the calm!
You just need a little help…

My 1:1 work is over a 6 week period. In my experience, this is enough time for us to really dive into your business, for me to get to know you and your business properly and to really work on the changes you want to make. However, its not months & months long. It allows you to step back into the business and see your work play out, to action what you have learned and to make sure that as a service based business you get access to this sort of mentoring; I understand, first hand, that dedicating months of your time sometimes just isn’t possible and you shouldn’t have to miss out.

-After applying below, if I think we are a great fit, I will contact you to arrange a free discovery call to learn about your business and what it is that you’d like to achieve.

-If we both are in agreement that you are ready for the next step, you will be invited to sign up for the programme.

-Our work together will be based over 6 x 1hour, 1:1, Zoom calls.

-You will also have access to me via WhatsApp:
Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm.

Apply below…